Expo participants told to assist PNG


PARTICIPANTS of the 35th Australia-PNG Business Forum Trade and Expo were asked to assist the country in its growth and participate in the development of local communities, an official says.
Speaking at the summit in Port Moresby on Monday, Australia-PNG Business Council country president Phillip Franklin said the country needed to focus on delivering an enabling environment for its future growth.
“The road to development lies in education which is critical for community growth and conflict resolution; infrastructure (roads and power); health, and training across all faculties and law and justice.
“These areas are keys to the road ahead,” Franklin said.
He said there were three categories of participants who attended the summit and asked them to assist the country in its growth and to participate in developments of local communities.
The categories include:

  • The existing investors, those who have been in the country for over 10 years and know the PNG market;
  • those that are relatively new entries to the PNG market; and
  • Those who are in the country for the first time or are here just for a short period of time.

Franklin said the country had a large land mass, its population in 2017 was more than double since independence (1975) and was rich with natural resources.
“From all of those areas come coffee, cocoa, tea, palm oil and copra,” he said.
“PNG is host to many non-renewable resources including oil, gas, copper, nickel, chromite, from which much of which makes up the economy.
“All you need to do is stick with the plan, people and resources.”
Franklin told the participants to get the first five areas of education, infrastructure, health, training and law and justice right and the others will come naturally.

Participants listening to Niugini Land and
Property Ltd principal and director
Dr Charles Yala at the 35th Australia-PNG
Business Forum Trade and Expo on Monday.

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