Expo to promote parties


The Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission in partnership with UNDP will, for the first time, host an expo to promote political parties on Saturday.
Registrar of Political Parties and head of IPPCC, Dr Alphonse Gelu said the expo was timely and a first-of-a-kind event to be staged by the registry.
“It’s an opportunity to really learn about how political parties fit into our democracy and what their different visions are for our country.
“We just came out of the 2017 national general elections and I think us all Papua New Guineans are aware of the results of the election.
“We saw some new trends happening, especially how political parties took part in this election,” Gelu said.
He added that the majority of the people were still not aware of the importance of political parties and their roles in PNG.
He said the expo would be an opportunity for people to learn something about political parties in PNG.
“The expo is also part of the big awareness programme that we would like to undertake for the next five years,” Gelu said.
“So when it comes to the 2022 election we would have bridged this gap between the missing knowledge of political parties by our people in the country.
“I’m calling on all the public in Port Moresby that this is an opportunity to come and talk to all the political parties in person.”