Expo to promote Aust, PNG businesses

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

 By Gedion Timothy 
PISCA Australia and PNG Industrial and Resource exhibition 2016 started yesterday with business houses from both countries displaying their products at the John Guise Indoor Stadium in Port Moresby.
Events manager Robyn Crouch said the aim of the exhibition was essentially to promote business between the two countries.
“Aim of the exhibition is to promote business between Australia and Papua New Guinea,” Crouch said.
“A lot of Australian businesses are looking forward to expanding in Papua New Guinea because the country is still prospering so well and the resource industry is quite strong so it is a great place to continue to do business and to grow.”
Crouch said doing business in PNG was not necessarily easy saying brining Australian companies to the country.
“We are enabling them to network with potential partners already in the area.
“They (Australian businesses) have the potential to find distributors to set up offices, pick up contacts and so on.
“There are many potential difficulties with this.  Getting around Papua New Guinea can be challenging as a lot of mine sites and various industries can be in remote areas.
“Being able to organise appointments to meet management can also be very hard. There are many different logistical issues that van affect these types of crucial factors of successfully operating within Papua New Guinea.”
The exhibition ends today.