Expose their identities


IT was good to read about spot checks conducted by police, Department of Labour, Customs, Investment Promotion Authority and Immigration officers which uncovered illegal business activities conducted by Asians in NCD.
From that, I have learned that a handful of Asians were caught with their illegal business activities at certain parts of NCD.
While I appreciate the efforts put together by these government agencies, it would be good for people of NCD and PNG to know who (by name) conducted those reported illegal businesses, describe the specific locality, suburb, name of street or building where the business is conducted, etc.
It is understood that most of these so-called “foreigners” are leasing properties owned by Papua New Guineans.
As a result, property owner is benefiting from the rentals collected.
Therefore, it is good for the public to know where the illegal businesses are conducted, and who actually is involved in such.
Expose their identities with facial photos.

Lemek Timothy, Via email

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