Extend projects to Kompiam, Agiru

Letters, Normal

IT was unfortunate that the two sons of Hela (Huli and Opene) fought over some possum bones and Opene left the Huli land to look for another land.
If Opene had stayed, we all would share the same benefits from what was rightfully ours under our ancestor’s land.
Despite our localities, we maintained our brotherhood for generations, and I am sure all Hulis and Openes will agree on this.
We still share the same language and culture. We are all from the Hela stock.
Southern Highland Governor Anderson Agiru has considered Opene as the next of kin by way of sharing proceeds from the LNG project. I still remember during the Moga trading days in the 1980s.
My father travelled with his Moga friends from Wapenamanda to trade with their brothers from Southern Highlands.
My father would return to Kompiam with long bamboos containing the Kutubu oil which was exchanged for pigs.
The oil was used during traditional singsings and other important occasions.
In turn, pigs were sent to the Hela territory.
Can I ask Mr Agiru to consider his kind gesture to have the road, health and education services be extended from Wapenamanda to Kompiam?
We are left out while all other districts in Enga will benefit from the LNG project.
The people of Kompiam would welcome the extension of these projects from Wapenamanda to Kompiam.
Let all sons of Hela benefit from the project.
Thank you, Mr Agiru, you have not forgotten your Opene brothers.– A son of Opene Kompiam, Enga