Extended registration period to end on Friday, says university

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REGISTRATION at the University of Goroka (UoG), which was extended for three weeks, will end on Friday.
Vice-Chancellor Prof Musawe Sinebare said it was due to many internal problems, technological hiccups with the UNI10 system.
It was supposed to be used this year for online registration.
“There were a huge number of students including those with fraudulent acceptance letters trying to push their way through bribes, and those who want to be on the supplementary list if schools don’t meet their quota,” he said.
“We now have a cleansing system where there is due diligence done throughout the registration process. We want to get rid of all the fraudulent activities that have been plaguing this university.”
Normal classes began on Monday although registration was still open.
So far, 3,842 have registered and these include 1,237 first-year students, 776 second-year, 954 third-year and fourth-year students.
They expect 875 students to register by Friday.
Meanwhile, a team from the UoG management will be in Wabag today to meet officials during registration at the Enga UoG campus.