Exxon: Onshore pipeline wastes being processed

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The National, Tuesday July 30th, 2013


WASTE from onshore pipeline activities at the PNG LNG project continues to be processed at the waste management facilities, ExxonMobil environmental field advisor Isaac Jipsy says.

He said this during a recent quarterly media workshop to provide updates on the PNG LNG Project.

Jipsy said: “The project is using the best possible practices available in such a way that it has little or no negative impact to the environment.

“There is always a way to save cost and we are using five methods of waste management – avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose”.

ExxonMobil also uses old tyres from the trucks at the Hides and pipeline areas as buffers near roadsides.

Jipsy said this is known as the eco-flex method where the interior of the tyre is removed to be used. 

He also said that 60 tonnes of biosolids, which include food waste, were reused as top soil at a land fill area to help bring back the vegetation and support recycling. 

“These are some of the innovative ways of recycling and reusing of old products,” he added.