ExxonMobil resumes production after February earthquake


ExxonMobil announced on Friday that its production has safely resumed at the PNG LNG Project and that LNG cargo deliveries are expected to begin soon.
This follows a temporary shutdown of operations after the earthquake in February.
One train is currently operating at the LNG plant near Port Moresby.
The plant’s second train is expected to restart as production is increased over time.
During the period that production was shut, ExxonMobil was able to complete maintenance scheduled for later in the year to allow for more-efficient operations in the months ahead.
ExxonMobil production president Neil Duffin said the company would continue to support communities affected by the earthquake.
“Resuming LNG production ahead of our projected eight-week timeframe is a significant achievement for ExxonMobil, our joint-venture partners and our customers,” he said.
“We will continue to support those communities impacted by the earthquake as we work towards fully restoring our operations.
“We hope our contributions and assistance will provide comfort to those in need.”
ExxonMobil is supporting multiple local and international relief agencies involved in the humanitarian response to the earthquake.
In addition to the company’s previously announced US$1 million (K3 million) contribution for humanitarian relief, ExxonMobil crews have donated and delivered more than 37 tonnes of food, 14 tonnes of drinking water, 600 tarpaulins used as emergency shelters, 1000 solar lights for households, 20 larger solar lighting units for institutions, as well as other essential supplies including water purification tablets, cooking aids and hygiene kits.
“While a lot of work remains to be done, we are confident that with the support of all our partners and stakeholders, we can help our friends and neighbours recover from this tragic natural disaster,” said ExxonMobil PNG managing-director Andrew Barry.

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