ExxonMobil: Water quality around LNG site monitored

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The National,Friday20January 2012

THE developer of the LNG project, ExxonMobil, said yesterday the quality of water was routinely monitored in water bodies surrounding PNG LNG project activities to detect any changes that could have a potential impact on the environment.
ExxonMobil made this response after landowners blocked off the Hides conditioning plant, saying that their water for cooking, washing and drinking has been contaminated by developments there.
ExxonMobil said overall the project’s monitoring programme results indicated there had been no material shift in water quality around the Hides gas conditioning plant.
The project had taken steps to reduce its demand on local water supplies and was also building several community water structures around the project area to provide community access to water supplies.
The project has installed 23 units of  15,000-litre water tanks in the Hides area.
These tanks were collecting about 275,000 litres of drinking water across Hides per month.