Fabian – our Maths and Physics prodigy


IMAGINE getting dux awards from elementary up to secondary school and then topping the whole country in the Grade 12 national examination.
Sounds like a dream to many students but for Fabian Pasul from Kandep, Enga, it’s nothing special.
Fabian, 19, of the Port Moresby National High School was the top student among the 26,541 Grade 12s who sat for the National Examination this year – his biggest academic achievement so far.
“It wasn’t a surprise for me. I knew what I was aiming for. I was competing with myself. However, I’m glad I surprised a lot of people.”
Fabian was way advanced in maths and physics even before reaching high school. In Grade Seven, he was already doing University engineering maths. He was solving complex mathematical problems.
“When I was in Grade Seven, my cousin studying at Unitech brought an engineering maths book and gave it to my brother. It was a thick book with a thousand pages. So I started studying it.”
By Grade Nine, he had completed the engineering maths text book.
He drew up a timetable for himself and stuck to it.
“I used to sit alone and think about life. I hate sitting around with people wasting time. I read a lot of Physics and Astronomy books and question myself about life, the earth, and the solar system – things like motion and how objects move. I wanted to understand the universe and how it works.”
At Grade Nine, he was into a Physics textbook for Grade 11 and Grade 12.
“So by Grade 9 and 10, I was at university level.”
Studying Maths and Physics was like a hobby to him.
He regards time management as very important in his daily schedule.
“If it’s important, I get it done. When the time comes to perform, I perform, regardless of peer pressure or other factors. No excuse whatsoever.”
He has attended various schools around the country and still manages to stay on top because of his attitude.
He aims high all the time.
“One thing I know that is essential is that attitude matters. Knowledge is just remembrance. I read the book of Proverbs and that has helped me to develop an attitude that is different from the rest. First and foremost, humility is the greatest wisdom. Secondly, obedience is better than sacrifice. Thirdly, patience is the key. This key has helped me in my journey.”
He is the second eldest in a family of five – four brothers and one sister. He lives with his uncle in Port Moresby.
He attributes his achievements so far to his parents Yakop and Helen Pasul who live in the village in Kandep. Enga. They provided for his needs and necessities. He knows he would not have come this far without their help plus his entire support system.
Listening to the maturity of his words and the humbleness in his tone tells one how smart he is.
His curiosity in life and the universe was kindled at a young age. Now it has become part of his life.
Fabian’s next goal is to study Astrophysics because he believes it will help him fulfil his passion and inspire humanity. His family is appealing for sponsors to help Fabian realise his dreams.
“I did my part, now I’m raising my hands.”

“ I can say that my entire school life is like a game, I learn the rules of the game and I try to play it better. Games are fun so education for me is fun. When everyone studies I play the game I love.”