Facebook issue


I REMEMBER when Facebook was first introduced in PNG some 10 years back.
It was only accessible on computer connected to the internet.
Since the introduction of mobile smart phones, it has widely spread with easy access to download mobile phone apps.
Only then has Facebook become a very handy platform of social interaction between friends and followers, or members.
I first opened my Facebook account in 2008 and up until now, I have never deactivated it.
I believe I was the oldest in my village to get exposed in this widely-popular social media.
I only updated my status and other features like my nickname to real name, but my account remain unchanged.
My friends still know who I am and what I do.
I really do not see any threat if it is not rightfully used.
Why I disagree with the ban is that Facebook is an effective modern medium of communication.
It captures real-time events and happenings in the world.
It is readily available right in the palm of our hand.
In the business world, it is a cheap and effective medium of reaching a mass audience in just a click.
It has become a very popular platform of political debates and correction among any group of people, despite their education qualification or whatsoever.
In terms of emergency, Facebook can be very vital to saving lives in rural centres by reaching others in urban cenres or authority for relief.
I remember sometimes in 2009 or 2010, in The National, a priest
from a very remote area in Morobe saved a pregnant mother with her baby from complications.
She was airlifted to Angau Memorial Hospital when a friend received the emergency message on Facebook and contacted relief assistance.
Because other means of communication failed, he sent the message via social media – Facebook – if anyone out there could reach him for help.
Well this is what I see: This social platform is very vital to our geographical setting as well as our lack of effective communication system in remote outposts.
Even in real time, we reach our loved ones from far and near and their whereabouts using Facebook. We share the happy moments with them though we are far apart.
To all the Facebook users, please let us be mindful of how we use this social platform.
Let us not abuse the privilege that was granted to us.

Joe Kin

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