Facebook warning


I SEE a lot of primary and secondary school students spending more time on Facebook than they do on school work.
Parents should monitor their children because they are wasting their resources on a generation aiming to become “Facebook famous”.
If you are a parent or a guardian please monitor your child.
If you are a student, please remember that the greatest people of this country did not gain fame on social media.
It all started in humble beginnings in the classroom.
If you can give your best in the classroom it will pay off in the future.
Have control over your mobile phone, read a lot of books and learn from other successful people. This is better than imitating useless, meaningless quotes to gain ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ from those on Facebook who will never shape and mould your life.
Remember that Facebook is only a virtual community where you do not meet face to face.
Ifyou don’t know how to use Facebook, like to find jobs, look for long-lost friends, check for important events, ads, and so forth, you should not be on it at all.

Linny Hahembe Lemos
PNG University of Technology,

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