Facelift for Lae’s CBD

National, Normal


TOP Town, Lae’s central business district, is in the process of getting a major facelift before Christmas thanks to an allocation of K700,000 from the Lae joint district planning and budget priority committee last week.
With the timely release of funds, the council aims to address the road conditions to make sure that entry into the town area will be done with ease and less constraint.
The roads would be upgraded.
Acting city manager Jacob Sawanga said these funds would enable jobs such as pothole patching and road, drainage and street cleaning to be carried out under the supervision of the council’s engineering and technical services branch.
All sporting fields and road reserves along these areas would also be cleared under this minor works programme.
Council workmen started work along the Huon Road last week and would continue into this month.
Mr Sawanga said the public had concerns raised in recent weeks regarding the growing potholes in the centre of Lae’s business district.
He said “the timely release of the funds was not the solution to the problem” but would be enough to attend to some of the roads.
Apart from the Top Town area, other city roads that need immediate attention had been identified and assessed for routine maintenance work to be carried out.
Mr Sawanga said with the festive season approaching “the little we can do will go a long way in making people enjoy Christmas in Lae”.