Facilitate available resources: Officer

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

PEOPLE must make use of resources available to them instead of waiting for the Government to provide everything for them, a public servant says.
Hagen district electoral officer Jim Pena commended two tribes in Western Highlands for building 400 homes using mostly their own money.
Members of the Moge and the Jika tribes live in the villages of Upa, Kumblika and Kupal in Mt Hagen.
Pena gave them a K50,000 cheque from Hagen MP William Duma to help their village projects.
Pena said Duma was pleased with the organising committee and what they have achieved.
He urged them to use whatever resources  that were available to them instead of waiting for Government assistance.
It is wise to be proactive and facilitate the available resources around you to better your life.
“I on behalf of Minister Duma would like to commend each and every one of you for developing your villages,” Pena said.
Duma gave the villagers K150,000 in 2014 for their assistance in building a grandstand and organising singsing groups during  a ground-breaking ceremony at Upa village.
Duma witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony of district-funded projects, including electricity supply, upgrading and maintenance of the road from Koibuga to Kumblika, and a new health centre at Upa.
Duma thanked the village committee for planning the event and allocated K150,000 to meet their costs.
The committee used the money to buy building materials for the villagers and nearly 400 homes were built.
Duma allocated an extra K50,000 to the committee on Monday.
Moge tribe councilor John Ropa said the committee agreed to assist the villagers build homes instead of sharing the money Duma gave.
Ropa said the road, electricity and health centres were benefiting more than 10,000 villagers from Yupa, Kumblika and Kupal.