Facilities closed

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Story and picture by ELIAS LARI

MUN villagers in Dei, Western Highlands province, have closed the Catholic mission station, school and health centre in the area.
Kimka Lati and Kimka Yatenga clansmen on Tuesday fronted up at the station and closed it after learning that another group of people had claimed K4 million in compensation for the Catholic mission station land.
The Lati and Yatenga people said they owned the mission station land and were not aware of the other group that had collected such a huge amount of money in compensation.
The land in question is portion 724 and 725.
The villagers said the school and health centre would remain shut until Government authorities stop the payment.
Yatenga spokesman Peter Rui said the land was sold to the Catholic church in 1954 and there was no reason for someone to claim compensation for it.
As such, he said the villagers want a stop put on the K4 million payment.