Faction fighting hindering Pomio road works

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CONSTRUCTION works on the Illi-Tol Road in the Pomio district have been stalled due to issues between factions of the Baining people in the Illi and Tol areas and the people of East Pomio.
East Pomio LLG president Herman Yareng called on Sinivit LLG president Boniface Setavo to explain why certain Baining people were hindering the work.
In response, Mr Setavo said most people from Baining were in support of the Illi-Tol Road project.
 He said, however, they were using the issue to draw attention to the proposed relocation of the Milim Government Station to Tol, which they vehemently oppose.
“I  too am against the proposed relocation,” Mr Setavo said.
  Milim is the headquarters of East Pomio LLG and it is wrong for it to be relocated as Tol is part of the Sinivit LLG, he said.
Mr Yareng said the delay in the construction of the road has forced his people to risk their lives.
They travel between Kokopo and the Wide Bay area on banana boats, which is extremly dangerous, he said.
Minster for National Planning and District Development and Pomio MP, Paul Tiensten, has urged both leaders to get together and iron out their issues in order for construction works on the road to resume.
The K500,000 for the work is from the District Services Improvement Programme.
When completed, the road  will link up East Pomio LLG through to Tol.