Factions made peace over poll fight

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013


JOINT efforts by the Chimbu community policing unit and Karimui-Nomane MP Mogerema Wei resulted in ending an election-related tribal fight and unveiling of a peace billboard in the Salt-Nomane area in Chimbu last Friday.

Strong messages of hope and restoration were delivered by team leader of the police community policing Sgt Joe Wakai and Wei.

“Stop talking about buying guns and ammunitions. Who do you want to shoot? Instead, you must talk about peace and unity,” Wakai said. 

“Talk about how your children will go back to school and how your family can access medical services in health centres and aid posts.”

He said the factions made peace by breaking sugarcane and eating pork together. 

The two leaders – Wei and his 2012 election rival candidate Michael Korry – signed a peace accord, witnessed by  Deputy Commissioner Police Simon Kauba to mark the end to the fighting.

“I want you to see the sign board, read the messages on it and stop fighting,” Wakai said.  

“This is the third time we have gathered for a peace ceremony for the same fight. Enough is enough. Please stop now.” 

The billboard Wei and police station commander Chief Insp Michael Welsh unveiled at Dawa, the heart of the tribal fight location, showed messages of “No armed violence, no mobilisation of arms, no drugs and home-brew and yes to religious activities, farming, support to youth, women activities and law and order”.

First Constable John Kora was instrumental in the putting up of the billboard.