Fair trade still high on O’Neill’s list


EMERGING economies will continue to lobby support from larger Apec countries through inclusiveness, free and fair trade, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
He told the Apec leaders’ summit in Vietnam that as a result of being part of the Apec economies, PNG was enabling investment opportunities in resources development.
“PNG is honoured to host the 2018 Apec summit in the country and it will be the first time since joining in 1993,” he said.
“Apec is centred on the goals set in Bobo many years ago. A lot of issues around Apec are relevant to the many economies in the region.
He said free and fair trading were issues which drove the economies.
“It provides opportunities to create investments in countries like ours in many sectors across the economy, particularly resource development which is creating a lot of jobs for our people and opening up many business opportunities,” he said.
“That is why we are happy to participate here in Vietnam and look forward to receiving all the delegates in PNG in 2018.”
O’Neill said many members of Apec were already trading with each other.