Fairweather against amendment

Letters, Normal

THE public is correct to say that many bills are being rushed through Parliament without any thoughts in debate or consultation.
The problem begins with the complete breakdown of the parliamentary committee system where legislation should be considered.
There is little or no involvement from ordinary Members of Parliament.
Often, party leaders are left in the dark and, as such, parties do not discuss bills either.
The list is a long one.
I have resigned all my committee positions. 
It is a waste of time.
I will not be voting for any changes to the Constitution (unless it is to get rid of provincial governments). 
The original “elders” who constructed the Constitution argued it out for years. 
They were all respected people. 
It is wrong to propose changes at every sitting of Parliament.
We should not be messing around with the Constitution for political expediency at the whim of a bunch of politicians who change every five years.


Ken Fairweather
MP, Sumkar