Fairweather’s claim a slap on Micah’s face


I WOULD like to comment regarding the outburst from Sumkar MP and PPP deputy leader Ken Fairweather about Ben Micah’s views on APEC leaders’ summit.
His comments sound to be of a leader who cares for ordinary citizens and a leader with high credibility in modern politics.
One of the phrases used was “let’s be fair and give credit where it’s due”. This is a big slap on the face of Ben Micah and his opposition led coalition with their cheap critic policy, a policy not to lead this nation.
I also comment the writer on the same date about Bryan Krammer’s social media critics which is uncalled.
A leader who does not credit a leader comrade for job well done is not the leader with vision and
wisdom which a nation would require.
It’s only a week and few days left before polling so country men and women, we should open our eyes and see what’s really happening with this politicians.

Mark Talipa

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