Fake K100 note found in Morata

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A TRADE store owner was shocked to find a counterfeit K100 currency note in his takings when he arrived to make a deposit in a bank in Waigani yesterday.
Sowal Obuwe from Mendi in the Southern Highlands province was unaware of the counterfeit note in his possession until he was informed by a bank official.
Mr Obuwe, 45, refused to disclose the amount that was to be deposited but said he had heard rumours of the circulation of such counterfeits “but I did not think I would be a victim”.
“This time, I have lost K100,” he said.
“There were other occasions when I received counterfeit currency notes of K5, K20 and K50 denominations.”
Mr Obuwe reminded those who continue to circulate such notes that they would be dealt with severely by the law when they were caught.
He has been operating his store, Naiko Trading, on Lobu Street, Morata One, for the past four years.