Fake messages prompt Digicel to increase SMS bundle rate


The recent increase in Digicel’s short message service (SMS) bundle is because of fake messages sent to customers suggesting they had won prizes, senior vice-president and chief sales officer Lorna McPherson says.
She told The National yesterday that was one of their biggest customer pain points over the last three months.
McPherson was responding to questions regarding the recent increase of the 60 SMS bundle rates from K1.20 to K3.00.
“Fraud or unsolicited SMS were being sent to our customers suggesting that they had won prizes,” she said.
“The majority of this fraud was coming from customers who had purchased the 60 SMS bundle for K1.20. We considered taking the bundle out of the market to prevent fraud and go back to the K0.25 per SMS, our standard documented rate, but opted instead to introduce different communication options for our customers before taking action.”
McPherson said one SMS cost K0.25 outside of the bundle and this had not changed so its bundles still brought great value.
“Digicel are continuously assessing our bundles and prices,” she said.
“Bundles start from K1 so that value is given, even to the lower end of the market and there is a plan for everyone.
“We have also introduced cheaper K1 10 megabytes (MB) bundles to facilitate Whatsapp instead of just SMS. We also introduced K2 for 8 minutes and 20 SMS, good value for both SMS and voice.
“Digicel strives to provide the best value data bundles in the market.
“Our data is the cheapest it has ever been per megabyte.
“Our bundles provide more than 10 times the value of the pay as you go rates.”