‘Fake titles’ comment worries Lae tenants

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CONCERNS have been raised by tenants of properties at Salamanda in Lae following a report regarding fake titles held by tenants of National Housing Corporation properties.
Tenants say the properties they were in were not under the NHC, rather all their tenders were gazetted in 2008.
Spokesperson Ivan Gawi described Limu’s comments in the media as defaming and unbecoming as it should have been brought to their attention for discussions.
“We are now here to discuss the matter with NHC and set the record straight and we do not want people to think that we got the titles to those properties under false pretence,” he said.
Salamanda Land and Housing deputy chairman Alphonse Palang explained to Limu that based on a decision by the National Executive Council decision number 76 of 1986, which was signed by then Prime Minister Paias Wingti.
Palang said NHC could only talk about low-cost houses which were built on institutional land like police barracks and others and not on institutional houses or on institutional lands.
It is understood that institutional houses at Salamanda is not on institutional grounds, which the NEC decision of 1986 disqualifies NHC from any dealings with it.
“Those properties come under the first ownership scheme called Leo Morgan’s Scheme which is bound by the 1986 NEC decision.” Palang said according to the decision, their tenders at Salamanda properties was a closing tender which no-one else could apply for.
Meanwhile, Limu said his comments in the media were only cautionary and apologised if it had offended the residents.

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