Falling asleep on the job


IT appears that the authorities tasked with managing physical planning and building board regulations have gone to sleep, judging by the number of illegal developments in Lae city in recent years.
These are the commercial/businesses developments that had been allowed to be built and operated within the residential zone areas, obviously without those authorities’ considerations and approval. Or were they in the know?
One question that needs to be asked is why didn’t the physical planners, building board inspectors and lands officers – whose job it is to see that the law is followed – put a stop to those illegal developments during the initial stages of construction?
Instead of giving the illegal developers stop-work notices or demolition notices during the initial stages of constructions, these two boards and their officials remained silent until after the illegal developments had been completed and the owners issued licenses to operate their illegal commercial activities.
Are they paying residential or commercial rates to the city?
Now, these government officials have finally woken and are threatening to demolish the buildings, long after they have been completed and occupied.
These public servants who fell asleep on the job should hang their head in shame for failing to perform their important duty.

Lorenitz Gaius
Ketskets village