Family attacked

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The National, Friday 06th January 2012

FORMER Southern Highlands senior provincial magistrate Vincent Eralia and his relatives were reportedly attacked in Mendi by drunkards on Tuesday.
Eralia was travelling home to Paga Hill, in Mendi town, when drunkards attacked his family.
He said five people had been drinking beer near his home and as he was about to drive into his yard, they argued with his son, Junior.
He confronted them and asked why they were arguing with his son.
Eralia said the men swore and attacked him.
He said three men and two women had been drinking there for almost two days.
“They swore at me and then punched … some of my little children were injured when they tried to run for cover,” Eralia said.
Police and authorities are carrying out orders to
stop the sale and smuggling of alcohol into the province.