Family faces uncertainty

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UNCERTAINTY rules in the minds of a family from Chimbu who have been providing a service to the government and private sectors in Madang because they do not know where to settle after yesterday’s eviction.
Rimba Kiagi, a mechanic, and his wife Maine Rimba, who have been doing their business as a contractor supplying timber to schools have no choice but to remove his, workshop and house from Nagada settlement and find somewhere else to live.
Rimba said she had been living in the area for almost a decade and had called the place home.
“I see this yard that I am now standing in as my home because I have benefited a lot from this place,” she said.
“My service to the province was not appreciated by the leaders, they should had find a place for us to settle, especially genuine people like me.”
Rimba said she bought the piece of land from a traditional landowner without knowing that the land belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran church.
Filled with emotion, she said she would lose her business and would have to start again if she found a piece of land. She was living at portion 69 of the land from where the eviction started yesterday.
The eviction is expected to take more than two weeks to complete from the portions 69, 70 and 78.
The mentioned portions of land belong to the Evangelical Lutheran church.

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  • This is a Church property which people knowingly sell and settle. How about those who initially sell that piece of land to people to buy and settle? They should be prosecuted as well.

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