Family fulfils Dr Kigasung’s wish

Lae News, Normal

THE 27th synod of the Evangelical Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea would have been the last for the late Dr Wesley Kigasung as head bishop of the church.
He would have chaired it and then presided over the election of a successor in accordance with the church constitution, having served two terms.
However, his death on May 14, 2008, brought everything to an unexpected sad ending.
At the closing ceremony for the synod his widow and family members performed a small ceremony to acknowledge those who supported the late bishop during his term of office.
The family told the crowd that during private discussions, Dr Kigasung would talk about presenting a piglet to the new head bishop.
This would then see the new head bishop present it to the Goroka district who will be the hosts of the 2012 synod.
The piglet was to be raised for the synod.
Unfortunately, he died before fulfilling his dream.
But his family remembered his words and made his wish come true on his behalf.
Last Friday, a piglet was given to the Goroka district delegates.