Family of late policewoman calls for tribal peace

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THE relatives of the policewoman killed in a hand grenade blast in Mt Hagen city last Friday want the provincial leaders and the Yamak tribesmen to address the problem peacefully.
The family members and relatives of the late Selly Mol, who came from Waghi Bruk, Mingende, Koronigle and Kerowagi yesterday to talk to leaders from the Yamka tribe including provincial leaders in Mt Hagen city, said Western Highlanders killed Jiwakans and Simbus with pocket knives, guns and, this time, with a bomb.
Mrs Mol’s uncle Peter Par, a village chief from Kunabau area in the Kerowagi district and her elder brother, Paul Goi from Jiwaka, said it was very difficult to control the narrow-minded and short-tempered people in their provinces.
They said the people in the two provinces were upset with the recent killing and might react against innocent people.
Mr Par said it was very hard to control the youths and other people in Jiwaka and Kerowagi and wanted the Western Highlands provincial government, administration, local MP William Duma, deputy governor Benjamin Mul and the Yamak tribesmen to address the problem peacefully and allow peace and harmony to prevail in the three provinces.
“The leaders from Jiwaka and Kerowagi don’t want opportunists to take advantage of the problem by creating another problem.
“While the situation is tense, the authorities should address the problems,” Mr Par said.
He said if the leaders failed to address the problems, then anything could happen anytime, anywhere and that it was time for leaders to act before it was too late.
“For the good of the three provinces, its people and business houses, the leaders must all work together to address this problem,” he said.
Mr Goi shared the same sentiments as Mr Par.
“I am not claiming the remains of my sister for burial until the demands are presented to the authorities and fully met,” he said.