Family searching of missing woman

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 JUDY Lukas, of Moromaule village, Gumine district, Chimbu, has been reported missing since last Saturday. 

Her husband and family are appealing for relatives or anyone with any information of her whereabouts to let them know. 

Family spokesman Joel Omen said a reward was being offered by the family to whoever supplied them information on her whereabouts. 

Judy is married to Joel’s father, Yobale Omen, and they live at Gordon, Port Morsby.

Omen said she was last seen last Saturday evening. 

Lukas has been described as short and fat with brown complexion. 

She was reported missing at the Gordon police station. 

Anyone with any information of her whereabouts can contact Joel or his father Yobale Omen on 7051 6343 or 7286 4173 or report to the Gordon police station.