Family seeks help for child’s treatment

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The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

THE family of a four-year-old girl who suffers from severe cerebral palsy is determined to beat the sickness she has suffered since birth.
Glenda Jack, one of twin sisters from Hanuabada village, NCD, suffers from spastic quadriplegia, the most severe type of cerebral palsy caused by extensive damage to the brain that disrupts normal muscle functioning.
She has speech problems and cannot walk as her limbs are stiff.
Glenda’s father Jack Oala said although there was no cure for the condition, the only form of treatment available for those with such condition was physiotherapy and medication to reduce seizure that usually accompanied the disorder.
The family has made plans to seek treatment overseas.   
Oala said they had made arrangement with Ovspring Developmental Clinic in Singapore for his daughter to undergo two months of intensive therapy, however, they could not afford it.
He said the family would need K100,000 to meet the expenses.
Oala said since last year, the family has been raising funds and have been appealing to kind hearted individuals and business houses to assist.
So far, the family has received financial assistance from Eda Ranu, Moresby Northwest MP and Health Minister Michael Malabag and a   K10,000 donation from National Gaming and Control Board.
The Mineral Resource Authority has pledged to meet return airfares for the family to Singapore.
The 51-year-old father of nine said his only wish was to see Glenda live and enjoy life.
Those willing to assist can contact Oala on 7120 2173 or can make donations to Glenda Jack Medical Appeal, BSP account no. 1009661404.