Family unity promoted in fight against child abuse


Family unity is the number one principle that prevents a child from being subject to all forms of violence and abuse, Body of Christ chairman Rev Joseph Walters says.
“The single, most important and number one building block of a society is the family unit,” Walters said during a gathering to observe International Children’s Day in Port Moresby on Monday.
“As the family unit goes a society goes,” Walters said.
“When the family unit collapses, a nation collapses.
“Today we can agree without question that the family unit is under serious attack from forces and powers quite powerful.
“The beauty and sanctity of marriage is compromised and tampered with.
“Marriages are breaking up at an alarming rate.”
Walters said husbands and wives were living apart and cheating on each other.
“Children are torn apart as innocent victims of a marriage that has lost its meaning and purpose,” he said
“Unloved, unprotected and vulnerable children growing up in a hostile, loveless and careless environment are today placed at a high risk.
“They are prone to and are easy prey for abuse of all kinds, violence and associations that are harmful in their upbringing.
“The Bible has the correct design and pattern for the family unit.
“The Bible clearly teaches that the family unit is a child’s first government, first church and first school.”