Family wants probe

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THE family of the bodyguard of late Deputy Prime Minister Sam Basil has called for a proper investigation into the road accident that claimed their son’s life.
The bodyguard, First Constable Neil Maino, 39, of mixed parentage – Central and Northern – died in a car accident along the Bulolo highway last week, with Basil.
His father Edmund Maino, 66, a former policeman, said he was not satisfied with the current report.
“When we were informed by his wife, at around 11pm, we didn’t believe it.
“My son is a highly trained policeman, he has tactical driving skills, and he would know how to drive along that road, if he was driving.
“I’ve been in the force half of my life, served for 36 years, I’ve driven high profile people in my time too, I drove the Pope on his visit, I drove, the Prince of Arab who is now the king, I’ve driven governor-generals, etc. So my question is, was protocol followed?
“And what happened because I’ve seen the pictures, I’m hearing reports and getting information from people, friends, family but it doesn’t add up. I just want answers, the truth. I want justice for my son’s death,” he said.
Edmund said that his son was loyal to the constabulary, he loved his job and took pride in the uniform he wore.
“I have seven children, and only he followed in my footsteps to become a cop.
“He passed out in 2008, and soon after underwent the Special Service Division training programme at Goldie River Training Depot and was attached to the NSU (National Security Unit) when he passed away.
“He never had time for family, he was a cop and always working.
“He didn’t spend much time with his wife and two kids, or his siblings, but he was always there, always there for his family, and now everyone is sad that we never got to spend much time with him as he was always busy working,” he said.
Neil is survived by his wife and two children, a 14-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, his parents and five siblings.
Neil served the constabulary for 14 years.
His body arrived in Port Moresby yesterday.
A separate funeral programme for Neil will be held by the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister James Marape said that a full investigation would be carried out into Basil and Neil’s deaths.
“I’ve already instructed police to give a full account of the journey, leading up to the incident, including the other driver’s journey and everything that happened leading up to the accident and the passing of the late deputy prime minister,” Marape said.