Farm introduces yoghurt as healthy choice for people


THE Ilimo Dairy Farm in Central has recently added yoghurt to its growing number of PNG made dairy products.
In a statement, the company urged Papua New Guineans to add yoghurt to their diet as it had a lot of health benefits.
“Our digestive system includes two types of bacteria – ‘good bacteria’ and ‘bad bacteria’,” business development manager Gallit Tamir says.
“The good bacteria assist our body to fight off the bad bacteria, improve the gastrointestinal health and strengthen the immune system.
“Yoghurt contains ‘probiotic’ bacteria that help promote a healthy digestive system.
“Yoghurt itself is a pre-biotic food, meaning it feeds the good bacteria and helps them do their job, so together they function like the maintenance department of your digestive system.
“We are often concerned about what we take into our body, yoghurt is proven scientifically to help our body cleanse itself and to provide immunisation and support for our digestive system.
“Further studies undertaken globally consistently find that including yoghurt in a healthy balanced daily diet is essential to good gut health, which leads to a reduced risk of cancer.
“For yoghurt to work, the fresher it is the better it works, obviously only locally produced yoghurt will be the freshest yoghurt coming direct from farm to market.
“Our yoghurt is made right here in Central from locally produced Ilimo Dairy fresh milk, and delivered directly to our markets.”
Chairman of IAI Ilan Weiss said: “Yoghurt, one of the most nutrition dense foods, recognised globally as a superfood, is now accessible together with our other locally manufactured Ilimo Dairy fresh products”.
“We are still very much at the beginning of the journey; agriculture has the power to build a stronger PNG.”