Farmer: Grow rice

National, Normal

The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 LOCALS are growing rice in Ward 31 in the Usino LLG of Madang.

Inabua Almara and wife Salewash, from Nuku village, Usino Ples in the Ward 31 area of Usino LLG, are among a few locals in the district and Madang who are growing rice for their dining table.

“We have been growing rice since 2002 and today we are able to feed our family and nine children,” Almara said.

Given the price of a packet of rice at K5 to K6, the family is now growing their own rice and the extra is sold to villagers at an affordable price.

“It is funny when I see villagers go to Madang to buy rice. We can grow them at home,” Almara said.

However, both said there was a total lack of government assistance in technical advice and the provision of mills to encourage farmers.

Transport costs to the Walium District Centre plus the milling costs can add up, they said.

“We see many advantages in local rice. We can keep them longer when harvested and weed and can feed our children who love rice,” Almara said.

The couple said rice seed they had cultivated was neither from any government agency nor NGO.