Farmer involved in potato seed multiplication needs support


A FARMER involved in the potato seeds multiplication programme in Ialibu-Pangia, Southern Highlands needs assistance to replant seedlings.
Amos Pakone, a former seeds inspector with the Fresh Produce Development Agency, said he could not sell the seedlings.
“Farmers will buy the seedlings, plant them and sell to the factory and get money. But where will they get new seedlings?” he said.
Pakone said the demand for seeds in the province was high and he needed assistance to buy fertiliser, seedling bags, screen houses and people to replant the 250 bags of seedlings.
He replanted some in April which were harvested in July.
“I am carrying out seed multiplication and not selling the seeds to the farmers. I will sell the seeds after the third seed generations,” he said.
Pakone said as an expert on potato seed production, he wanted to help people such as widows and former drug addicts.
“I will provide free technical advice to the farmers to grow quality crop and sell it to the factory and make good money for themselves,” he said.

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