Farmers happy with campaign

Transport PNG

The farmers of Upulima Agro Station are very pleased to meet with Ela Motors Hino Team who arrived at the station to launch their Hino promotion.
The product presentation on the Hino Dutro 3.5 ton cargo truck convinced farmers that this vehicle is suitable for their work and the current road conditions.
They were excited upon hearing of the partnership with NDB in assisting potential customers to purchase a Hino Dutro cargo truck from Ela Motors.
They believe the partnership is a convenient way to realize their dreams. Most of the farmers were existing clients of the Agricultural
Bank, which is now known as National Development Bank.
The Partnership also offered another funding avenue through the Abau District office which is a scheme already offered by NDB.
This offer is suitable to individual groups (groups of individuals, co-operative societies or business groups) who are currently operating and earning a steady income.
For this scheme, the customers need to contribute 20 per cent of the Hino price in equity to Ela Motors and then NDB will finance the 80 per cent balance.
Obviously there are some minimum requirements customers need to meet, such as having comprehensive insurance, security and operating capital.
The Hino team encouraged those interested to visit Ela Motors Waigani or Badili for further information and assistance.
Ela Motors offers after sales service with their Truck Shop offering servicing, repairs and maintenance, which is important for roadworthiness and longevity of the vehicle.

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