Farmers welcome import ban on fruits

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The National, Friday February 12th, 2016

 FARMERS have welcomed the import ban on fresh fruits and vegetables, the general manager of the Fresh Produce Development Agency Mark Worinu says. 

He told an agriculture summit in Port Moresby yesterday that the farmers were happy with the Government move to ban the import of certain fresh fruits and vegetables.

“There has been healthy debate following the issue of the ban but the farmers have said that what the minister had done was good for them,” he said.

“In terms of our (FPDA) response to the import ban, we started awareness straight after the ban. 

“We are doing communication via various media to let the farmers know of the market requirements and the kind of produce being restricted. We are having dialogue with the buyers and consumers, communicating with government and line agencies for support and collaboration.

“We are planning to do a market analysis in the next three months.”