Farming’s dependence on water storage overlooked: Trukai


WATER storage is an enabling economic factor for the agriculture industry which has been overlooked, according to Trukai Industries.
Chief executive Greg Worthington-Eyre told the inaugural agriculture summit in Port Moresby that the country lacked enabling infrastructure.
He said power or electricity and roads had always been talked about in this regard, but very little was discussed on the potential of water storage.
“Water storage or irrigation has a major opportunity not just for rice but for agriculture activities in PNG,” he said.
“If we had a vision and a plan for instance to irrigate the Markam valley, we could harness all the water that flows through there to irrigate agricultural activities instead of it flowing into the sea.”
He also highlighted the importance of small-holder farmers in growing the agriculture industry.
He said the challenge was the access to affordable financial credit schemes and resource centres to teach farmers how to grow crops.
Other challenges include the cost of transport, land tenure issues and limited market system.