Faso tells opponents to await court ruling

National, Normal

The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

THE contest for the right to head the rich Namo’aporo Landowners Association is drawing more landowning groups into the argument.
Yesterday, Roy Faso of the Hugu Sebere, the Gogofora Sebere and Saifora Sebere incorporated land groups of the Agogo production facility area joined the fray to call for fair and common sense discussions.
The group, claiming also to be members of the Namo’aporo Landowners Association, said the claims and counter-claims by Mark Sakai and John Kapi Natto were counter-productive and discouraging to landowners.
Faso said he was disappointed at the comments by Sakai in an advertisement claiming that he was still the chairman of Namo’aporo Landowners Association Inc and that his executive committee was operating normally.
Faso said all the chairmen of the ILGs were aware that the matter was before the National Court for hearing and the case had been ordered for mediation.
Until a ruling is made in court, the matter of who heads the association ought not to be discussed at all, Faso said.
He said he was disappointed in Sakai, Kapi Natto, Sakai Kei and Peter Heno for not presenting any annual reports detailing the operations of the association and its financial position.
He said he was aware that a new constitution for the association had been adopted and the Sakai executives were elected into office using its provisions.
“I do not support this process because it is improper,” Faso said.
He claimed that he had evidence that many millions of kina had been misused.
Faso called on the leaders to refrain from going to the media with claims and await the court decision.