Fastfood store warned to comply with safety standards

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CITY health inspector Mathew Laba yesterday served a 72-hour notice on the Hong Cheng Development Ltd’s Gordon Food Centre to improve its building and hygiene conditions.
Laba said they did a thorough investigation and made recommendations to the shop operator to improve conditions identified as unhygienic and a haven for rats and other insects posing health risks.
He said if they failed to comply with the notice, the National Capital District Commission would shut down the shop indefinitely.
The NCDC health team found the cooks were not properly attired, packets of cigarettes were sold inside the shop, the storage and kitchen were in a mess, ceiling not covered and pets were kept in front of the kitchen.
Laba recommended a major clean-up within the building and dining area, rearrangement of stocks and other items in an orderly and hygienic manner, and provision of rat traps, fly catchers and a general fumigation to be carried out immediately.
He said they would be working closely with the operators to ensure they complied.A revisit to the building with a checklist would help them tick off the work done.
Laba also warned others in the fastfood business to comply with food safety standards.
He also urged residents to avoid eating at fast-food outlets.
He said they had so far received three complaints against such shops.
Responding to a complaint posted on Eye Witness Facebook page, a surprise visit was made to the premises along Soare Street.

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