Father commended


IT is highly commendable for the father of the girl who was abused by her teacher to come out and stand up for what is right.
Sadly, their tribal people have gone against them and forced them to go into hiding.
It is now time for students and parents who are in similar situation to take up the fight against teacher’s abuse of children and also, oppressive cultural norms to say enough is enough.
Girls and women are seen as sources of wealth for illiterate villagers and their leaders.
Wealthy men continue to use the power of money to marry young women, some still in their teens.
This particular father and his family should be commended for coming out to tell their story.
Those cowards who are against them should be educated to understand the seriousness |and long-term effects of child abuse.
For some people to try and make the family go to the police station to have the culprit (teacher) released is ridiculous.
He should be made to spend time in jail to pay for his wrongs.