Father free of murder charge


A FATHER-OF-THREE was acquitted of murder on grounds of self-defence that resulted in the death of his brother-in-law.
Waigani National Court Justice Danajo Koeget ruled that John Otto Komakapio, 40, from Kotindaga’s Tapa Village in Gulf, had acted in good faith in trying to deter Henry Tainki from causing harm to his sister and mother on Nov 25, 2015.
“Komakapio is entitled to an acquittal and is, therefore, not guilty of the charge of manslaughter.
“Your brother-in-law had always assaulted, insulted and abused your sister and extended such to you, your mother and father, sometimes causing destruction to your house in the village.
“On the day of the incident, your sister was with your mother in the house.
“You saw your brother-in-law armed with a long bush knife and a short grass knife, with both edged sharpened resembling a bayonet.
“In my opinion, if you (Komakapio) did not intervene, Tainki would have killed your wife and mother.
“Tainki was heard uttering the words ‘I will kill your daughter’ which was sufficient to use force as self-defence,” Koeget ruled.
Komakapio pleaded not guilty to the offence when interviewed by police in Kerema.
Koeget then ordered Komakapio to be discharged from custody.
In the incident, Komakapio shot three arrows at Tainki after seeing Tainki acting in an aggressive manner towards his sister (Tainki’s wife) in front of their home armed with knives.
One of the arrows struck Tainki on the chest and he collapsed.
Komakapio, after hitting Tainki with a stick five times before landing a rock on his chest, fled when Tainki started vomiting blood and collapsed.
Komakapio later surrendered himself to the police.


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