Father reunites with daughter

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IT was a memorable morning for one father and his daughter at the Waigani police station yesterday.
 Father, Vele Tau and daughter Ruthy Tau were reunited after her disappearance a week ago.
Ruthy had accompanied her aunt and uncle
to Gordon market at the time of her disappearance.
Mr Tau said Ruthy had walked out of the market and over to the bus stop and stopped a woman from Lufa, Goroko in  Eastern Highlands, who was about to board a bus bound for Waigani.
He said the young girl had pulled at the  woman’s shirt to draw her attention and at the same time calling her “mummy”.
At first the women refused to take the girl but then changed her mind after realising the girl’s state.
She took the girl with her to her home at Morata One.
The following day the woman and her husband reported the matter at the Waigani police station and waited almost the whole day for her parents or guardians to pick her up but no one turned up.
The couple did the same the next day with similar results.
Mr Tau said he was told that some people had come forward and offered the couple some form of payment to claim the child but they had refused to accept anything under any circumstances.
The couple then decided to the use the media to make known the girls whereabout.
Deciding to use television, they appeared on EMTV news, while the parents on the other hand approached The National  the same morning to report the disappearance.
The Lufa couple returned the girl to her father yesterday morning.
A grateful Mr Tau commended the couple, the media and others for their active part and concerns raised during his daughter’s plight.