Fathers’ role overlooked


IT is astonishing that the involvement of fathers in the upbringing of children and contribution to family life is not highly complimented in some countries.
Fatherhood is an amazing thing.
It is an exciting thing to see your children growing up, learning things, achieving and developing into their personality.
The visible and presence of a father in the family enables the children to have their material and emotional needs met.
Those fathers who relinquish or abdicate their responsibilities create multiple problems not just within their households but in the wider society at large.
Children abandoned by their fathers develop a sense of powerlessness and abandonment.
The absence of fathers in family units can result in a prevalence of ‘deviant or anti-social behaviour’, including at worst, school drop-out, rebellion against authority, high-risk behaviours such as drug and alcohol abuse, precocious sexual relationships and unwanted pregnancy, depression, anxiety, loneliness and low self-esteem.
Fathers provide moral guidance to children, reinforce conduct and foster the values of respect, honesty and hard work.

Handsen Chikowore
United Kingdom

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