Feasibility studies afoot amid Goroka water worries


Technical experts in water supply from China and civil engineers from the Goroka urban local-level government (GULLG) are carrying out feasibility studies to find the best way to improve the Goroka water supply in preparation for next year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meetings.
GULLG manager Harold Abori and Eastern Highlands administrator Samson Akunai welcomed the Chinese team at the water supply source at Watarais Inlet.
The studies will find how best to utilise the K96 million provided by China to upgrade and improve the water supply.
China and the national government agreed last week for the project to begin immediately.
“The funding will address both water and sewerage issues currently affecting Goroka town. The water system was designed and built in the ‘50s and ‘60s to supply 10,000 cubic metres of water to feed a smaller population,” Abori said.
“In 2003, the Japanese International Corporation International Agency (Jica) funded an extension of the plant to produce 12,000 cubic metres of water, now feeding a population of over 50,000.”
Abori said due to high water demand, there was a capacity problem, forcing them to do rationing.
“We need a water treatment plant with a capacity to produce 40,000 to 50,000 cubic metres of treated water daily without rationing,” he said.
“I welcome the Chinese experts who are already here. We will work closely with them to upgrade and improve the capacity to supply good, clean water to the town.”
Abori said GULLG was aware of the need for good water for the meeting and was working to improve the supply when China and PNG entered into an agreement for funding.