Fed up of being left in the dark


HOW often do you think blackouts occur in West New Britain’s Kimbe? Lately, there has been a lot of blackouts in Kimbe town. Power goes off almost 10 times in a week. Can you believe that? What message does that send to other people?
Is Kimbe a “blackout ghost town”? PNG power needs to pull up their socks and do better. Another thing is they don’t even care about how it affects people. Some people don’t have dinner because they can’t cook. There was a break and enter not far from our house, where the rascals took laptops and other valuables during the blackout. For me, as a student, I find it hard to do my homework in the dark and I’m pretty sure other students can agree with me on that. I’m just tired of these constant blackouts. I watch television for only a moment and then the power goes off. It is a new part of life but I can’t blame PNG Power Ltd.PNG Power is just doing the best it can. They have problems that need attention.I think the Government should take this more seriously and give more money to PNG Power. I mean, hello. We are literally in the dark here! PNG Power should use the money wisely to solve their issues. This is my message, as a student, to our leaders in the Government.Please hear us out and do something.

John Sitapai (Grade 5),
Kimbe International Primary


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