Feed mill plan gets K1m loan

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The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 RADHO Piggery, which operates outside Port Moresby, will soon have its own feed mill, thanks to a K1 million loan from the National Development Bank (NDB).

Piggery owner Robert Rasaka said he was overwhelmed by the bank’s assistance, which paved the way for the setting up of a feed mill on his piggery farm.

Rasaka said since setting up his business more than 20 years ago breeding pigs and farming, he spent big money on stock feed alone.

Because of this, he was forced to produce his own feeds.

Now, he needs a mill to process feeds for his growing piggery project.

“My major expense has been on stock feeds, which I source from Lae every month.

“If I can produce the feeds myself, I could save a lot. 

“The freight costs from Lae and Brisbane are almost the same, which is ridiculous, but there is little I could do until now,” Rasaka said. 

“Stock feed is an important part of my piggery operations, so I would now be importing raw materials and mix them myself, this way I am assured of sufficient feed supply.”

Later, he would sell excess feed stock from his mill.

Rasaka started his business 22 years ago with only 24 pigs.

Now, he has 6,000 heads spread between his two farms Radho and Koita Oro Boroma,  managed by his son. 

Rasaka sells about 240 pigs every week to major supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and individuals.

He said he was supportive of the government’s advocacy on growth of the small-to-medium enterprises and praised the NDB for becoming the government’s vehicle in promoting the SMEs.

The K1 million was the second loan Rasaka obtained from NDB. 

The first K1 million was used to set up the Radho piggery farm.

Meanwhile, NDB executive manager lending Trevor Cain said NBD was more than happy to assist indigenous businesses such as Radho Piggery, who while succeeding in their business venture, was serving the community and providing employment for many.

Cain said NDB was glad to be associated with Rasaka, especially in contributing to his business’ success.