Female apprentice lauded

National, Normal

The National, Monday 07th November 2011

NATIONAL People’s Congress president Mary Karo has congratulated the only female motor vehicle mechanic among the 15 men with the Department of Works.
The apprentices were indentured last Wednesday.
In a statement, Karo said it was a sign that women were taking up challenges in industries where there used to be only a handful of them.
She said young women like apprentice Jackie Karara would encourage more women to take up this career path.
“I want to congratulate Miss Jackie Karara and her parents for ensuring that she could reach her objective in life,” she said.
“Quite often as parents, we want our children to take up careers that we plan for them but now we must understand that the learning patterns are different to our era, so to see the best for our children, we should let them choose what they are best at.”
She said with the announcement by the United Nation on the world’s population reaching seven billion, it was timely that parents should guide their children to think about what was happening around the globe.
Karo said climate change was ano­ther issue children should be enlightened about so they could learn at an early age the importance of clean air, water and generally keeping the homes clean to protect their environment.
She said this meant protecting the forests and animal species by not setting fire to forests and protecting the seas by not throwing rubbish into it.
Karo congratulated the 15 male apprentices and called on them to respect their female colleagues and each other and work as equals in pursuit of their dreams in the motor vehicle mechanic industry and automotive electrical trade.