Female judges, lawyers add perspective, says Davani

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The National, Monday 13th Febuary 2012

FEMALE lawyers and judges will add a different perspective to legal work in the country, Justice Catherine Davani says.
She made the comment when officially opening the 2012 legal year for judges, lawyers, magistrates and the members of the disciplinary forces in Western Highlands  last week.
Mt Hagen-based judges, magistrates, lawyers and members of the disciplinary forces held a parade from the court house to the Kimininga Seventh-Day Adventist Church for a service to start the legal year.
Speaking on behalf of Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Davani said the church service for the start of the legal year was a tradition of the Papua New Guinea judiciary.
She said it was an acknowledgement that God was at the fore of all their work in the law and justice sector.
“Today shows that we are seeking His assistance, guidance and blessings for a good year and those involved in the law and justice sector in the province have shown your commitment to fair dispensation of justice and upholding of the rule of law by being here,” she said.
Davani said despite the political turmoil, the judiciary, the magistracy and those involved in the law and justice sector “must and will continue to serve the people of Papua New Guinea without fear or favour”.
She told participants that as officers of the court, they had an important role to play in contributing to the development of the nation.
“Our duty is to serve our people and show them that we are here for them and that we are protectors and custodians of the law,” she said.
She said she was happy to present with her sister judge, Justice Jacinta Murray, who had come to the bench with extensive experience as a lawyer and would be an asset to the court.
“This is the first time in Papua New Guinea’s legal and judicial history to have two permanent female judges (Murray and Davani) serving on the bench. It speaks volumes about abilities of our female lawyers and they will definitely add a different perspective to legal work in this nation,” Davani said.
She said with justices Murray, Makail and David based there, Mt Hagen’s long lists of cases would be dealt with in a timely manner.
Davani said women lawyers and judges had achieved what they had through sheer hard work, determination, persistence and academic excellence and would contribute greatly to the legal system.