Female officer arrested

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The National, Friday February 21st, 2014


A GOROKA-based policewoman has been arrested for allegedly harbouring her husband after he escaped from Bihute jail, in Eastern Highlands.

Members of Goroka Police Task Force acted on a tip-off to arrest First Constable Tade Erasa, her husband Senny Momi, 19, and her mother-in-law Soi Rachel Momi as they were having a party.

Armed robbery suspect Saki Kamare, 18, who escaped with Momi, was also arrested. 

Kamare was charged with attempting to shoot a policeman.

Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Supt John Kale condemned the action of policewoman Erasa.

He described it as “unbecoming of a law enforcement officer”.

He said she was attached with the Public Safety Unit at the Goroka police station.

She has been charged with her mother-in-law with harbouring.

Kale said Momi, who was remanded at Bihute jail for break-in and rape, was believed to be the ring-leader in the prison breakout where 61 prisoners escaped.

He said Kamare was one of the escapees. 

Kale was caught while trying to rob a shop in Goroka.